Macro Eco Material Environmental Protection Material Co.
, Ltd.was established in 2006, is a PU leather supplier,
headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,,
Huadu District Shiling Town International Leather
City Center. The company pursues excellence in Quality,
innovation and social responsibility.
We aspire to be the top leather supplier in the world.
At present, the company has a full range of products,
varieties, good quality. Our customers are mainly European
customers, we have sold materials to companies all over
the world (both well-known, leading fashion companies
and small boutique brands) , we also have

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We have a wide variety of PU leather materials displaying
different surface textures according to their
finishing techniques. Whether printed or laminated,
brushed or polished, traditional single-face or
double-side materials, full-grain or nubuck, shiny
or matte surface,antiqued or brand new looking,
metallic or nonmetallic, single-toned or
double-toned, even or cracked, you can
find here what you need.

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Our product portfolio includes a number of exotic snake,
crocodile, lizard and leopard textured PU materials,
which never seem to go out of style. These vary in
numerous details from the amount of metallic effect
applied, through their brightness, pattern-variation,
scale-size and resemblance to realistic animal skins,
to their finishing techniques.

More materials


  • DN888

    This material has a gorgeous appearance, a taste of luxury that s coupled with moderate hand-feel and softness. Our DN888 is also a sustainable environmental cho

  • DN666 Past Modern

    Manufactured with a new PU process, DN666 has an appearance of leisure and high sensibility with a touch of natural feel. This material is a sustainable environm

  • DN777

    An oily effect on PU leather material has long been something the market seeks after, thus getting an appearance of retro leisure with a natural feel




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Leather Centrum,
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